Wikkelhouse – Sustainable Modular Housing

Header image: Wikkelhouse – Sustainable Modular Housing

Wikkelhouse is a sustainable modular housing or office space concept, suitable for temporary or permanent use. Segments can easily be placed and linked, creating the space for each desire. Wikkelhouse is isolated, water resistant and has an expected lifetime of 50 years. Through use of recyclable materials and the possibility to repurpose or move the modules the Wikkelhouse is a sustainable modular housing option.

A house for you

A one-of-a-kind holiday home, guest house or office space – Wikkelhouse can be whatever you want it to be. Withits friendly design and premium finishings, WIkkelhouse brings comfort in many ways. Even its acoustics are unequalled.


Four years of research and development has led to a pioneering construction technology that involves a unique rotating house-shaped mold. Layer after layer of top-quality cardboard is wrapped around the mold. With eco-friendly superglue, the 24 layers are bonded together. The result is an incredibly robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities. Wikkel is Dutch for wrapping, hence: WIkkelhouse.


WIkkelhouse is what you get when an everyday maetrial finds a groundbreaking purpose. Using cardboard as its main building material, WIkkelhouse is a cutting-edge sustainable house with a beautiful design and exceptional constructive strength.


WIkkelhouse is designed and developed by the good people of Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers from Amsterdam.

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