WASTED – A Laboratory for Plastic Waste Upcycling

Header image: WASTED – A Laboratory for Plastic Waste Upcycling

WASTED gives new value to plastic waste by enhancing plastic waste upcycling. This is done by turning a common challenge into grand possibility by working closely with local community. There are two central facets of the project: a reward system and educational package.

Reward System

With the Reward System, participating local citizens separate their plastic and WASTED collects it, tracking every bag collected and giving in exchange a waste-based currency locals can spend on select deals and discounts at participating local businesses.

Any city looking to implement alternative local waste management schemes can contact WASTED to learn more.

Education Package

With the Education Package, we educate youth and adults alike on society’s plastic addiction, showing positive avenues to more sustainable, prosperous plastic futures through knowledge-based, awareness-influenced behavioral change.

Interested schools and other parties are welcome to inquire about the Education Package.

Workshop: Grab your plastic food packaging, supermarket bags, shampoo, stockings, pens, water bottles and bring them to us – let’s build WASTED Blocks together. Yes, during WASTED Workshops, we teach you first-hand and hands-on how to take everyday plastic waste and turn into an all-new building Block. Then, you can build new stuff for the community with Blocks you’ve created – like benches and planters for the park, or stages for the local market.

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