Tygron – Collaborative Urban Planning

Header image: Tygron – Collaborative Urban Planning

Tygron: Serious Gaming for collaborative urban planning

Using the Tygron Engine, flood’s based on data from past natural disasters can be modeled in the Tygron Engine. In order to make NYC as resilient as possible organizations are developing plans to protect the coast. See how far flood surges have pushed, and the areas that were not hit. Build walls between the areas that have higher terrain heights, and even see how many houses go from unprotected to protected

Tygron Engine

  • Tygron Engine is online 3D project software for urban planners, architects and engineers: a tool that streamlines the planning process and substantially reduces the time and costs involved in urban projects.
  • Make calculations and drawings directly in the 3D world – immediate insight
  • Multi-user tool: work on designs together with clients, other team members and/or stakeholders
  • Online project management: manage, save, share and compare different versions of your projects
  • Project configuration is easy, even for non-programmers

With the Tygron Engine you can create your own 3D project, easily and online.

  • Build your own urban planning project in a virtual 3D environment.
  • Negotiate and explore different solutions for city design with stakeholders.
  • Test measures and possible scenario’s on feasibility.
  • Present your results visually.
  • Start online immediately

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