Talking Traffic

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, local governments, Dynniq and other businesses are working together in the Talking Traffic Partnership. The partnership has been set up to develop and supply innovative traffic applications in the next five years. The applications provide continuous en-route guidance and assistance to road users, and in the near future also to vehicles. This increases their ability to anticipate traffic situations, which in turn improves traffic flows and safety.

A key element of the partnership is the development of a new generation of traffic lights that can communicate continuously with approaching vehicles and cyclists, optimising traffic flows across intersections and the entire urban network. The new technology, for example, eliminates the need for motorists to wait pointlessly for the light to turn green at empty intersections late at night and creates longer periods of green light for large groups of cyclists. Stopping and accelerating of heavy goods vehicles in cities is reduced as traffic lights recognise heavy transport and turn green in time.

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