Smart Storage of Sustainable Energy

Header image: Smart Storage of Sustainable Energy

It’s important for distribution network operators to reduce peak loads in energy consumption. Moreover, generating sustainable energy produces an energy surplus during the day. This is why Enexis has started a trial in Etten-Leur to store sustainably generated energy so that it can be used during peak load without extra burden to the energy network.

System architecture and controller

As Enexis’ technology partner, we worked together with Enexis to design the system architecture needed to store the energy. In addition, Technolution developed the measuring and control system, the Smart Storage Unit Controller. This controller allows Enexis to measure and control the energy, but also to operate it remotely through control algorithms.

Compact station

The Smart Storage Unit has four batteries, with each battery containing 29 Li-Ion modules and a Battery Management System (BMS). This conducts the communication with the various separate modules and with the system as a whole. The batteries can be charged to a maximum of 100kW and can discharge a maximum of 400kW. They contain enough energy to provide electricity for about 200 homes in this neighborhood for more than 2 hours. Despite their considerable capacity, the entire installation fits into a small station normally used for housing transformers and switchgear.

Enexis began this trial together with fellow distribution network operator Alliander and TNO. The project was subsidized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

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