Smart City Tour in Amsterdam

Header image: Smart City Tour in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a global leader in sustainable urban living.  Our walking, biking, and boating tours are the perfect way to explore Amsterdam’s approach to urban development for livable cities. On a smart city tour, you will learn about smart urban design, innovative water management, renewable energy projects, and unique community initiatives.  We will discuss the roles of government and civil society in making cities sustainable.  All tours discuss the six areas defining a sustainable city: people, governance, environment, economy, mobility, and living, in the context of different themes, as described below. The tour showcases innovations and approaches that make Amsterdam a leading sustainable and smart city. The focus is not only on technological solutions but also spatial and social innovations.

What sets Amsterdam apart from other smart cities is a holistic approach to city making that puts as much emphasis on spatial and social solutions as ICTs to improve the quality of life and accelerate economic growth.  And that’s what we call a SmartR City! This smart city tour explains how Amsterdam does this. We work with private and public sector delegations, as well as researchers and academics to showcase Amsterdam’s approaches to city making and adjust each tour to fit your group’s specific needs and interests.

Group size : 20 persons,

Costs per person: €30

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