Pilot Smart Cycle Lane Havenspoorpad

Header image: Pilot Smart Cycle Lane Havenspoorpad

The Havenspoorpad is a smart bicycle road of six kilometers which experiments with dynamic lighting. At night and during the day, 185 light posts, burning for 4000 hours per year, illuminate the track. This amount equals the energy usage of ten households during a year. And these lamps also burn in the middle of the night, when the bicycle road is not used intensively. Therefore, the pilot is launched to experiment with the smart usage of lighting in order to reduce energy consumption.

Dynamic lighting

Since January 2015 lights along the Havenspoorpad are substituted by LED lights with sensors. The lights are on at 10% capacity by default. When a pedestrian or cyclist passes, three lampposts in front and three lampposts behind the person will illuminate. This system reduces energy consumption by 80%.


With telemanagement, we can remote control and monitor public lights. With this tool, the municipality can increase and decrease light intensity along the bicycle track. Malfunctions are automatically referred and the power usage is registered. This will improve safety on the street and services. Also, the costs of lighting will reduce.

One portal

Next to the Havenspporpad, seven different suppliers installed their telemanagementsystems. The systems of different suppliers are managed through one portal. This is possible due to the ALiS protocol, which stands for ASTRIN Lighting interoperability Standard. With ALis, different software programs can be controlled with one single program. Due to the Rotterdam pilot, a new improved version of the ALiS protocol for telemanagement systems is available for all Dutch municipalities.

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