Smart Applications: FIWARE Lab NL

Header image: Smart Applications: FIWARE Lab NL

FIWARE Lab NL is the Dutch innovation playground for the European open cloud platform FIWARE. FIWARE provides a simple yet powerful set of APIs and standard building tools that accelerate and ease the development of Smart Applications and make them reusable. These tools are all open source and available for any developer.

The first FIWARE Lab in the Netherlands

In FIWARE Lab NL developers can freely use and experiment with FIWARE’s data centre facilities (unique in Europe!) and standard building tools for, among other, smart applications. It offers an online platform on which people can find information, share knowledge and watch how-to-use videos, and also an offline platform for organising meetings and events for developers that like to build an application based on FIWARE. Furthermore, developers meet each other in the lab, so the best ideas could spring to life and innovation gets started.

FIWARE Lab NL is initiated by a consortium consisting of Deloitte, Civity, Elba-Rec, Onetrail and Xcellent. The Province of Utrecht supports this investment in the innovation infrastructure. FIWARE Lab NL is located in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

FIWARE Lab NL for developers
FIWARE Lab NL offers developers several generic data sources and building tools for free. Because these tools are available in one place – Utrecht – and in one language – FIWARE – the development time of new applications is considerably shorter than before. Also, you meet other developers online or face-to-face at events. This will lead to the most exciting new ideas! Watch the video below for success stories.

FIWARE Lab NL for municipalities
FIWARE Lab NL is a safe environment for municipalities to let developers come up with the best applications for local, regional and national purposes. The developments and data in FIWARE Lab NL are reusable and scalable to challenges worldwide. FIWARE is developed according to EU directives.

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