Rain(a)Way – An Urban Rainwater Solution

Header image: Rain(a)Way – An Urban Rainwater Solution

Rain(a)Way is an innovative urban rainwater solution focussing on problems with rainwater, both flooding, and drought, caused by climate change on the one hand and the covering of soil surfaces with concrete and bricks in cities. It is an urban rainwater solution which aids urban water rainwater management. Currently, rainwater is unable to infiltrate the soil in cities. This specific design is water-permeable, allowing the rain to sink through the product and into the soil.

The Beaty of Rain

Het tonen van de natuurlijke schoonheid van water en tegelijk de regenwaterproblematiek op een originele en nuttige manier aanpakken. Dat is de missie van Rain(a)Way. Het ultieme doel is het creëren van een klimaatbestendige stad waarin het regenwater op een leuke, mooie en speelse manier zichtbaar wordt gemaakt.

Exhibiting the natural beauty of water and meanwhile tackling urban rainwater problems on an original and practical way. That is the mission of Rain(a)Way. The ultimate goal is to create a climate-proof city where rainwater is visualized on a fun, beautiful and playful way.

Urban Infiltration

Rain(a)Way enables Urban infiltration,so the natural cyclus of rainwater also is maintained in urban areas. At the moment, the rainwater canne infiltrate into the ground in our cities. The subsoil dries and during storms we have hinder due to flooding because the sewer systems cannot process these huge amounts of water.

Refined Design

At Rain(a)Way, we spend a lot of effort and attention to material, form, structure and details when designing products and places. The Rain(a)Way products are made by hand what makes them unique and original. Even at the end stage of production in concrete, the high-quality surface finish catches your eye, without losing its personal character.

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