PowerWindow – Electricity-generating window

Header image: PowerWindow – Electricity-generating window

The PowerWindow is a patented and transparent double-paned electricity-generating window that converts light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects about 30% of the incoming light, the PowerWindow instead collects that with the coating, transporting it through the glass and converting it into electricity with solar cells inside the window frame. Our story can be found here.

In Europe, governmental regulations have dictated that every commercial and governmental building construction or renovation has to be energy neutral by 2020. Given the fact average lead-time of such projects is 3-4 years, this is something commercial real estate developers are confronted with today.

Possibilities of PowerWindow

Conventional solar panels are limited to the roof or have to be installed off-site. Alternatives are either too intrusive or too costly. PHYSEE’s PowerWindow is the first scalable and cost-efficient solution using the world’s glass to help make these buildings energy-neutral.

Combined with a thermal storage system, PowerWindows can save up to 50% of the total energy demand (electricity and heating) when renovating conventional commercial buildings, and up to 100% of new constructed commercial buildings.

An invisible solution

Our patented coating is what provides our windows with sufficient yield. The coating is a couple of hundred nanometers thick and is made of an industry-standard host-crystal with a 3% concentration of our luminescent material. In contrast with previous luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs), which were first discovered and heralded in the seventies, our material absorbs energy uniformly over a spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to visible light. It thereafter re-emits this energy in a peak in the near-infrared, resulting in zero overlap in the absorption and emission spectrums. The result is a colorless coating with no self-absorption, making it the first scalable LSC. In fact, increasing the size of a PowerWindow decreases the price per square meter, because the ratio between collection (low-cost) and conversion (high-cost) increases.

The production method used for coating our PowerWindows is called sputter coating, which is a standard in the global glass industry, serving industries ranging from commercial real estate to automotive. Since production fits current standards and the coating is sealed from the environment, matters like warranties, certifications and distribution will go through existing channels. This is what makes our product scalable and applicable in various markets.

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