Pedestrian app helps the elderly cross the road safely

Header image: Pedestrian app helps the elderly cross the road safely

The municipality of Tilburg started a trial with the CrossWalk pedestrian app in May. This app, which was developed in cooperation with technology partner Dynniq, helps the elderly and people who have trouble walking cross the road safely by turning the light green for longer.  It is the first trial with a pedestrian app in the Netherlands.

The CrossWalk app communicates automatically with the traffic light as soon as a pedestrian approaches the intersection. By giving a specific group green light for longer instead of all pedestrians, the car traffic doesn’t get obstructed too much. The innovative technology makes it possible to align the duration of the green pedestrian traffic light with individual needs. The light remains green for longer depending on the degree of reduced mobility. For example, this app ensures the light remains green long enough for pedestrians to be able to cross safely, but other traffic is not delayed unnecessarily.

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