MapXact – Mobile Mapping the World

Header image: MapXact – Mobile Mapping the World

Sidewalks and tiles, poles and fronts, cables and pipes: MapXact brings the outside world within your reach. Three-dimensional, more accurate and faster than ever. MapXact combines the use of Mobile Mapping, 3D-scanning and the latest radar technology with unique software, leading to unparalleled results. The products and services offered by MapXact are applicable to many sectors. For example in telecommunication, city& government, underground infrastructure, civil engineering, construction, and railways. Our technology is applicable in many sectors: underground infrastructure, city & government, railways, telecommunications, archaeology, civil engineering & infrastructure, construction & property.

An overview of sectors where we are active is found here.

Collect information
  • Mobile Mapping up to one million points per second.
  • 360 º- Panoramic images in high resolution.
  • Measuring the underground 200 times faster than others due to the MapXact- radar system.
  • All data merged into a 3D Point-cloud
  • Detailed insight into objects above-and underground.
  • Convert panoramic images into 3D- line drawings.
  • The data is accessible 24/7 on countless applications.
  • Add your own data, conduct measurements and store them.

MapXact signifies a new dimension in measuring and knowing. We are working on revolutionary applications for developers, administrators and asset managers:

  • Operate unmanned excavators based on data collected by MapXact.
  • Applications for employees working in the field.
  • Mobile Mapping for indoor environments.
  • Define cables and pipes per type.

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