Light Electric Freight Vehicles – LEVV-LOGIC

Header image: Light Electric Freight Vehicles – LEVV-LOGIC

The LEVV-LOGIC project explores the use of Light Electric Freight Vehicles (LEFVs) for the distribution of goods in cities. In this project, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences develop knowledge on logistics concepts and business models with LEFV. This is done in close collaboration with logistics service providers, shippers, vehicle suppliers, network organizations, knowledge institutions and municipalities. The goal: a cost-effective use of LEFV for city logistics.

The two-year study is co-funded by the RAAK-mkb grant. This grant is intended to enhance the innovative capacity of SMEs through knowledge development and diffusion.

With the use of LEFV, the 29 project participants share the ambition to contribute to regional, national and European targets to make urban freight transport more efficient and more sustainable. The project therefore contributes to the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics (link in Dutch).

Research Question

How can light electric freight vehicles be used cost-effectively for city logistics?

An increasing number of logistics service providers, shippers and vehicle suppliers are interested in this question. The logistics service providers want to use LEFVs, but do not know how to do this cost-effectively, because the current logistics processes in the industry are tailored to delivery vans and trucks. Before switching to LEFVs the processes (planning, sorting, loading, invoicing) need to be organized differently, because the vehicles are smaller in size and have different charge and power supplies. In addition, it is not yet clear for which city logistics flows LEFVs are suitable. Next, shippers are not certain whether the same price and service level can be guaranteed with the use of LEFVs. Vehicle suppliers want to develop LEFVs, but are unsure of the technical requirements that must be met to use these vehicles in a competitive way.

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