Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Header image: Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Ipsum Energy changes the status quo of energy consumption in our own, unique way. Our mission is for you and all other households and companies across the world to have access to Smart insight. We make saving energy fun and easy and enable you to reduce your energy use and CO2 footprint by 10-20%. Making the planet greener is why we exist. One product Ipsum provides is the Ipsum Energy App, which helps households with smart energy consumption management.

The Ipsum Energy system consists of the following elements. First, data is collected. The Ipsum Gate connects to your traditional meter and reads your total consumption data. Then, the Ipsum Gate encrypts your data and sends this to the secure Ipsum backend via your WiFi. After that, the Ipsum backend disaggregates your total consumption data and translates this into appliance level and idle consumption insight. At last, continuous real-time feedback is given via the App and the Website. Putting this together, you will have 24/7 smart insight into your total consumption, idle consumption and the consumption of the most energy-hungry devices in your home.

The items you need for Smart insight are a smart meter, an internet connection (WiFi) and the Ipsum app or web app.


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