Green IT Amsterdam – Demonstrating Green IT

Header image: Green IT Amsterdam – Demonstrating Green IT

Green IT Amsterdam makes the energy transition possible with IT for the Amsterdam region. Our mission is to scout, test and showcase innovative IT solutions for increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions. As our society is constantly relying more and more on IT, urgency for sustainability keeps increasing.  The consortium now consists of  around 40 leading organizations on sustainable IT infrastructures in various sectors including IT, engineering and energy. Until now this active cooperation has enabled the development of 9 projects that resulted in:

  • Demonstrating that the Amsterdam IT sector is a front runner on realizing sustainable IT infrastructures
  • Reinforcing the economic capacity of the Amsterdam industry
  • Initiating activities to create a more sustainable society
Sustainability challenges

Our consortium participants endorse the aims of Amsterdam in addressing those sustainability challenges by:

  1. Scouting and investigating the newest developments on a) greening of IT and b) greening by IT and making such information available to the participant
  2. Providing a platform for participating in hand-picked pilots that contribute to specific subtopics of greening of IT and greening by IT
  3. Providing podiums for networking and for showcasing participants’ sustainable offerings and related value cases
  4. Creating opportunities for participants to demonstrate their commitment to the sustainability objectives of increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emission.

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