Games for Cities International Conference

Header image: Games for Cities International Conference

The Games for Cities Conference, held on 20-21 April 2017 in Rotterdam, is an International Conference that brings leading game-design experts from around the world into conversation with city decision-makers in the Netherlands’ big cities. This builds on a series of 3 City-Gaming events held in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven respectively, creating a platform for knowledge exchange around the potential for serious games to facilitate more effective and inclusive city-making processes. See more on these three cities’ respective challenges here, as well as detailed information on the Games for Cities program and its partners here. The main intentions of the conference are to open up dialogue exchange and to promote and refine the emerging field of City-Gaming for city-making practices. Game-design experts are invited to present their knowledge on City-Games in an attempt to broaden the field in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

Play as a method is often introduced into city-making processes for its ability to bring multiple diverse actors into the same space. This can create a platform for engagement and for effective channels of communication to emerge, as well as a shared understanding of challenges and solutions. Experts and decision-makers in the field of city-making are invited to attend and share how City-Games can tackle the pressing urban planning challenges that 21st-century cities face. This includes policy makers, game designers, urban planners, technologists, social scientists and other professionals. While game-design experts will share their knowledge on this burgeoning field, policy makers will reflect on their experiences of applying urban games to local challenges. For the general public, the conference will provide a platform for open and transparent dialogue with decision-makers in their city, as well as with respected City-Game experts.

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