FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

Header image: FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

40% of all traffic jams are caused by motorists breaking unexpectedly. The flow of traffic can be improved by providing real-time driving advice to motorists. Technolution’s smart traffic app FlowPatrol does exactly that: it gives driving recommendations. As soon as a traffic jam appears in the distance, the app warns the motorist to adjust his speed.

Personal advice due to interaction between vehicles

We have been using FlowPatrol under the Spookfiles  A58 (‘Phantom Jams A58’) project. This is a trial using smart traffic apps which improve the flow of traffic on the A58 between Tilburg and Eindhoven and was started in 2015. In 2016, we expanded the app with a cooperative device called FlowRadar. FlowRadar uses Wifi-P to communicate with other FlowRadars. Once a sufficient number of motorists start using it, this provides a much more detailed picture of the situation on the road, which in turn makes it possible to offer more accurate driving advice through the app.

Individual travel advice

FlowRadar is a step in the direction of autonomous vehicles. The ultimate goal is to let road users really become part of the overall traffic, supported by individual travel advice. We’re already doing this by giving traffic jam warnings and speed recommendations. But in the future, we’re thinking in terms of context information, such as lane advice and green time prediction for traffic lights.

Innovating together

Spookfiles A58 is a construction in which consortiums are working together by being attached to three levels. Every level has two consortiums: for data provision, for the apps and for communication between the road and the app. In addition, we are integrally working together with the other consortiums on secure Wifi-P (PKI) communication. Technolution has developed the tailor-made FlowRadar from our development platform BloqBase.

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