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How can we turn our cities into low carbon cities? Amsterdam developed an instrument to help local governments and their partners to prepare, develop and execute a transformation agenda in order to make the shift to a low-carbon future. The manucipality of Amsterdam provides the Energy Atlas: a visual energy tool to.

Energy Atlas Amsterdam

The Energy Atlas Amsterdam is a document that comprises data on three main themes:

  • the (spatial and social) context of the city
  • the use of energy
  • the potential for local energy production in the city or region.

The energy atlas answers key energy-related questions about the city on any scale, from a single street to the city as a whole. Based on this data, companies and organizations can autonomously develop products and services for energy saving and sustainable energy generation.

Energy Transition

The key lies in a fast transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. Because the usage of renewable energy sources will costs, a lot of less, the resource is renewable and the city is less polluted. The Amsterdam Energy Atlas brings all data of energy consumption, chances for saving and possible energy sources in the city together in a clear overview.

Open Data

The data is available as open data via an interactive map. Companies and organization can develop products and services for energy saving and sustainable generation based on this data.


The Energy Atlas already mapped the potential to generate and exchange energy in the Southeast district of Amsterdam. This is done for the project Circular Southeast, the collective name of projects to reduce CO2-emission in an area between the Amsterdam ArenA and the AMC Hospital. The Atlas showed that there are many opportunities for the usage of local residual heat from offices, datacenters, and the AMC. At the moment, the municipality of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Smart City are exploring opportunities with the AMC, Amsterdam Arena, NUON and Liander.

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