Cyclomedia – Geo-referenced imagery services

Header image: Cyclomedia – Geo-referenced imagery services

CycloMedia offers a complete end-to-end solution for imagery collecting, automated data processing and cloud based hosting of geo–referenced imagery, as well as developer tools for creating and distributing applications that benefit from this data.


CycloMedia has developed a system capable of capturing full 360 degree spherical panoramic images, that are geometrically correct, while in motion; up to 120kms/h at a 5m image interval.

  • Flexible mounting system for deployment
  • Patented

Best-in-class process and project management capabilities geared for nationwide capturing.

  • < 1.000.000 kms captured to date
  • 168MM total images recorded
Processing & Hosting

Images processed and uploaded to remotely hosted server database.

  • 2-day process from drive to image hosting
  • T op 10 storage user in the Netherlands (~1.2 Petabytes)
Serving & Licensing

GlobeSpotter® is CycloMedia’s proprietary SaaS software solution, which makes viewing, measuring, projecting and analyzing images possible.

  • Integration within other GIS workflows through API
  • >500,000 customers views per week
Insight & Services

Visualize Geo-Referenced Data, take measurements, and gather new data. With CycloMedia’s imagery, you can easily build, update and extend your mapping or GIS application with updated features captured from the imagery.

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