Connected Bridge Management System

Header image: Connected Bridge Management System

The bridge management system (BMS) helps bridge operators decide when a bridge can be lifted. It can take into account active traffic scenarios in traffic centers and delays in the public transport system. Thanks to the BMS, the number of vehicle downtime hours due to bridge lifts is reduced considerably.

Priority rules in algorithms

The BMS primarily monitors road traffic because road traffic becomes congested more rapidly than waterway traffic. Congestion at a bridge can also escalate as soon as it encounters an intersection, causing the intersecting roads to become congested as well.

How can you ensure the right choice is made? How can you determine who should pass and when? Technolution has developed algorithms that assess the interests of all road and waterway users. The input for these algorithms is the result of consultations with bridge operators and traffic managers. This allows the BMS in cooperation with the traffic management centers to monitor traffic intensity and public transport timetables for certain circumstances such as not lifting a bridge when a (delayed) bus arrives.

Smooth sailing thanks to Blue Wave

Priority for road traffic can mean longer waiting times for shipping vessels. However, vessels can be compensated by receiving a “blue wave” of lifted bridges along their route. The BMS can provide this by cooperating with Blue Wave Connection. This ensures that bridges along a route are lifted successively so that barges can sail on through.

Data in and out: BMS at the center of traffic systems The BMS combines two worlds that still remain particularly separate, each with their own traffic centers. It connects a number of existing systems and databases. The BMS also provides important information to other systems such as when and where bridges are lifted.

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