Concrete Dome Construction – BetonBallon

Header image: Concrete Dome Construction – BetonBallon

With the BetonBallon building method, it is possible to create special shapes, like a concrete dome, in a simple and effortless manner. Beautiful and efficient constructions are made in a sustainable way. Up to 50% of material use and CO2 production can be eliminated with building these constructions since shape, building process and material is all attuned.

The BetonBallon Building Technology, develop by BetonBallon Technology, is in fact very simplistic: concrete will be sprayed on a custom manufactured balloon. With BetonBallon, it is possible, finally, to construct beautiful arches in a sustainable and cost-efficient way with respect to traditional arch construction techniques.

Curved forms allow for large spans and heights and are surprisingly broadly available. The application of the BatonBallon has numerous advantages:

  • Distinctive in form and freedom of form
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Environment and sustainability
  • High market-value
  • Applicability

The BettonBallon is sustainable by saving materials. Do more with less. This way, BetonBallon gives content to sustainability it the construction environment. By an optimal set up between constructive shape, material, and building technology an enormous amount of material and energy will be saved.

With respect to comparable conventional concrete structures, 50% concrete and 70% steel can be saved with the BetonBallon construction technology. As a logic consequence of this, amongst other, significant savings in transportation and foundation can be realized.

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