Circular Washing by Bundles

Header image: Circular Washing by Bundles

We believe in a world where everybody uses the best electrical devices. A world without singular-use devices. Circular washing is the initiator of this. Bundles offers home appliances with a subscription model: Pay per Use. You don’t pay for a washing machine, but you pay each time the Bundles washing machine delivers clean laundry. In this time product-as-a-service business model the user lowers his total cost of, for example, washing, and the whole chain of companies delivering the service optimize their use of resources and thus margins.

Smart washing

The Was-App (Wash-App) gives you insight in your total laundry washing cots, including energy use. You will receive tips to reduce costs. Immediately, you will see the effect of different sorting, dosing and programming options. This way you will optimize the utalization of the laundry machine!

Wash your laundry clean with Miele

In the Miele Experience Center  in Vianen the Materials, Software and Operations of Bundles are demonstrated. And you get a peak into the impact of the circular subscription economy in your Kitchen.

The workshop we offer includes one hour of demo and one hour of testing.

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