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Due to the rise of sustainable energy, the energy market is rapidly changing. Supply and demand are moving further and further apart. Consumers can help to make supply and demand more balanced by becoming more aware of energy. The test ‘Your Energy Moment’ proves that residents with access to smart house technology structurally adjust their energy patterns.

Insight in energy use

Consumers are prepared to make changes in their normal pattern against a cheaper electricity tariff or even free electricity from private solar panels. Especially if you make it accessible by providing technical tools. Participants in Your Energy Moment have an energy computer with display right in their living room. It shows them what the solar panels on the roof are producing and how much energy they are using. They can also see how high the energy bill will be for the upcoming 24 hours and set a convenient time to start the washing machine.

User-friendly smart house technology

Technolution has made a user-friendly interface for the display in the living room for the Your Energy Moment project. We developed the technology that controls all the devices in the house such as a decision module that can start the washing machine at a convenient time. But it also includes the control of the heat pump in the house that takes any cooling down or heating up time, the outside temperature, the energy prices and the power supplied by the solar panels into consideration. The data will show on the display and is also transferred to network operator Enexis and energy supplier GreenChoice. Consumers can also see their use online by visiting a matching website.

Your Energy Moment is a project of CGI, Enexis, Greenchoice, I2Tec and Technolution.

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