Black Bear Carbon – Upcycling Tires

Header image: Black Bear Carbon – Upcycling Tires

Black Bear believes in innovation for a cleaner world. We view the global environment crisis as an opportunity to make meaningful change. Black Bear transforms is upcycling tires into high quality, safe, simple to use & sustainable products by using a Circular Economy model for tires. They produce the world’s highest quality upcycled Carbon Black.

Waste tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of solid waste due to the large volume produced and their inherent durability. In the EU alone around 3.4 million tons of tires become waste each year. More than half of all EOL tires are burned or landfilled, often in parts of the world where environmental controls are poor or non-existent.

Tires contain a significant amount of valuable high-quality carbon black, typically between 20 and 25% of the total mass. Carbon black is an additive in rubber, plastics, paints and inks which is used to modify their properties into usable products. Black Bear has developed a method to successfully retrieve carbon black from waste tires, which can beĀ re-used as a one-to-one replacement for virgin furnace carbon blacks. Hence, by upcycling tires we are extracting vulnerable resources from

Black Bear is concernedĀ about the environment. The circular economy approach not only solves an important waste management problem but also massively reduces CO2 emissions.

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