Big Data for Safer Streets – CityPulse

Header image: Big Data for Safer Streets – CityPulse

Enjoy an exclusive look behind the scenes in the ‘Living Lab’ of CityPulse: a ground-breaking project in which Atos and a consortium of partners use big data in order to make the nightlife of Eindhoven safer by implementing big data intelligence.

Big Data Intelligence

Big Data Intelligence is used in order to predict and prevent incidents in the crowded nightlife district in the centre of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is possible for emergency services and authorities to be kept informed about possible incidents and thus help to guarantee safety in the city. Eindhoven sets an example for other cities and nightlife districts worldwide. Atos, the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITSS), the City of Eindhoven (with Living Lab), Intel, RTR (regional control room, Dutch Police), Sorama and Vinotion, have joined forces to create CityPulse. Big data and real-time data analysis are used while privacy of the data collected is ensured as no facial recognition is possible in the video images.

Big data and real-time data from Social Media

In addition to analyzing video and audio clips from security cameras and microphones, Big data and real-time data analytics are used to incorporate data from social media to give a complete picture of the situation on the street.

Digital Impact Award

The CityPulse project from Atos has been rewarded with the Digital Impact Award. The Digital Impact Award was presented by ‘Nederland ICT’, the Dutch trade association for over 550 ICT companies in Netherlands, to a project or organization that – by means of an IT application – gives a clear impetus to the digital economy or has a visible positive impact on people and society.

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