3Di – Water Management Visualisation

Header image: 3Di – Water Management Visualisation

3Di is a new versatile water management visualisation instrument that supports operational water management, calamity management, and spatial planning design. The 3Di instrument is based on detailed hydraulic computations. The computations are extremely fast and therefore allow for interactive modeling on a touch-table and iPad. The 3Di user interface enables decision makers and civilians to visualize the impact of the proposed measures in various climate scenarios.

3Di comprises a number of innovative, interrelated developments. These allow 3Di to make water calculations interactively as a whole, performing calculations in the cloud and visualising the results realistically on an iPad or touch table, as well as using 3D stereo visualisation.

The high level of detail and the ultrafast calculation times generated by the water management visualisation instrument, and the interactive access via a web browser make the area models suitable for a broad target group, varying from water specialists, spatial planners, operational managers and communications advisers through to disaster coordinators.

3Di area models can quite literally map out water flows and the effects of flooding, heavy precipitation, and drought, both for the current situation – for example during heavy rainfall – and for climatological scenarios in urban and rural environments.

The users can play interactively with 3Di. Effects of possible interventions can be visualised in next to no time, providing maximum support for the evaluations. The high level of detail also means that laymen can recognise the situation and ‘non-specialist’ users are also able to come up with ideas and try them out.

Additionally, the advanced GIS environment gives specialists the capability to make much larger numbers of changes behind the scenes.

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