Mobility and transport of goods are essential for a city to prosper. Cities need to take measures for the increasing pressure on the city’s infrastructure by reducing congestion, pollution and improving safety and efficient use of public space. Sharing concepts, traffic management systems, autonomous & connected vehicles, smart parking apps, e-mobility initiatives bring many benefits to a city. Explore the different projects and pilots and/or show how you think we can stay mobile, while keeping the city accessible, healthy and sustainable!

Image: 2Wielkoeriers – Couriers by bicycle

2Wielkoeriers – Couriers by bicycle

The advantages of the bicycle courier are ample; lucrative, environment friendly and fast. No exhaust gasses and no traffic jams. Bicycle couriers contribute... read more »

Image: Connected Bridge Management System

Connected Bridge Management System

The bridge management system (BMS) helps bridge operators decide when a bridge can be lifted. It can take into account active traffic scenarios in traffic... read more »

Image: Nederland circulair!

Nederland circulair! is the online community of the Nederland circulair! programme. This program stimulates people and organisations to work circularly... read more »

Image: The Edge: The Most Sustainable Building in the World

The Edge: The Most Sustainable Building in the World

  OVG Real Estate, the Dutch commercial real estate developer and investor, has created the most sustainable building in the world, after its newest... read more »

Image: Sense2Grow: Measuring to Grow

Sense2Grow: Measuring to Grow

Sense2Grow easily connects sensors to each other to generate data that can be used to manage and monitor your business processes. It converts data into... read more »

Image: Bubble Post – Eco-friendly Shipping

Bubble Post – Eco-friendly Shipping

Bubble Post is specialized in eco-friendly shipping in urban environments: first- and last-mile delivery. Goods are delivered at the company on the outskirt... read more »

Image: Bio-Asphalt – Replacing Fossil Adhesives in Asphalt

Bio-Asphalt – Replacing Fossil Adhesives in Asphalt

Asphalt is held together by bitumen from crude oil. This fossil adhesive is replaceable by green materials, in order to reduce CO2 production. Joined by... read more »

Image: Play Oosterworld: A Behaviour Simulation Game

Play Oosterworld: A Behaviour Simulation Game

Play Oosterwold is a behaviour simulation game built to test design and finance rules of a Do-It-Yourself MasterPlan in Almere, the Netherlands. Designed... read more »

Image: IoT Living Lab

IoT Living Lab

The IoT Living Lab provides public networks, open infrastructure, and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions.... read more »

Image: Smart Energy Pilot “EnergyFrontrunners”

Smart Energy Pilot “EnergyFrontrunners”

In the Dutch municipality of Heerhugowaard, the energy system of the future is being tested in smart energy pilot entitled ‘EnergieKoplopers’... read more »

Image: JACK – A Foldable Electric Scooter

JACK – A Foldable Electric Scooter

Our mission is to develop and launch more new innovative electric concepts to especially the urban market.  Our latest innovation is JACK, a foldable electric... read more »

Image: WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEpods are driverless vehicles that do not have a steering wheel or pedals. They are fully automated and are electrically powered. WEpods are tested in... read more »

Image: Smart Storage of Sustainable Energy

Smart Storage of Sustainable Energy

It’s important for distribution network operators to reduce peak loads in energy consumption. Moreover, generating sustainable energy produces an energy... read more »

Image: Wikkelhouse – Sustainable Modular Housing

Wikkelhouse – Sustainable Modular Housing

Wikkelhouse is a sustainable modular housing or office space concept, suitable for temporary or permanent use. Segments can easily be placed and linked,... read more »

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