Information Technology

In today’s information centric world, upgrading and leveraging the ICT infrastructure will be vital to create solutions to many issues for cities today in energy conservation, mobility and transport, safety, and other areas and improve overall quality of life.

Image: C-theDifference


The European Commission DG Move has invited business, municipalities, and research institutes to collaborate in twin linked pilots situated in Bordeaux... read more »

Image: Choose your Energy Moment

Choose your Energy Moment

Due to the rise of sustainable energy, the energy market is rapidly changing. Supply and demand are moving further and further apart. Consumers can help... read more »

Image: IoT Living Lab

IoT Living Lab

The IoT Living Lab provides public networks, open infrastructure, and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions.... read more »

Image: WeSense – Social Sensing Urban Environments

WeSense – Social Sensing Urban Environments

WeSense project makes use of Social Sensing method for data collection, utilizing smartphone app to obtain dynamic data about citizens’ perception. An... read more »

Image: Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Ipsum Energy changes the status quo of energy consumption in our own, unique way. Our mission is for you and all other households and companies across the... read more »

Image: Sense2Grow: Measuring to Grow

Sense2Grow: Measuring to Grow

Sense2Grow easily connects sensors to each other to generate data that can be used to manage and monitor your business processes. It converts data into... read more »

Image: Smart Energy for SMEs

Smart Energy for SMEs

The growth in sustainable energy leads to fluctuations in the market. Heavy industries and the consumer market are currently receiving more and more resources... read more »

Image: FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

40% of all traffic jams are caused by motorists breaking unexpectedly. The flow of traffic can be improved by providing real-time driving advice to motorists.... read more »

Image: Allegro – Active Mode Traffic

Allegro – Active Mode Traffic

Allegro is a European Horizon 2020 research project about active traffic modes, granted to professor Serge Hoogendoorn from the Delft University of Technology.... read more »

Image: CLIMADAPTOOL – The Urban Climate Adaptation Tool

CLIMADAPTOOL – The Urban Climate Adaptation Tool

Amsterdam has urban climate problems and these can be solved with many design interventions. In this project, we will develop a smart city app in which... read more »

Image: WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEpods are driverless vehicles that do not have a steering wheel or pedals. They are fully automated and are electrically powered. WEpods are tested in... read more »

Image: TransformCity® – Plan And Create Your Own City

TransformCity® – Plan And Create Your Own City

TransformCity® is a highly actionable and locally dedicated online urban transformation dashboard. It integrates visual storytelling, data-sharing, co-creation,... read more »

Talking Traffic

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, local governments, Dynniq and other businesses are working together in the Talking Traffic Partnership.... read more »

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