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Image: PowerWindow – Electricity-generating window

PowerWindow – Electricity-generating window

The PowerWindow is a patented and transparent double-paned electricity-generating window that converts light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects... read more »

Image: Kennisland


Kennisland is an independent and non-profit think and do tank based in Amsterdam that aims to make society smarter and to empower people to learn and to... read more »

Image: WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING is the perfect solution for high quality single person housing in urban environments. We provide sustainable housing solutions and make quality... read more »

Image: Smart handwashing station – Hydrowashr

Smart handwashing station – Hydrowashr

The Hydrowashr is a smart handwashing station. It is an efficient, sustainable way of washing your hands, reducing the use of water with 99%. With its hygienic... read more »

Image: Smart Lighting on Texel

Smart Lighting on Texel

The Dutch island of Texel,  the largest and most populated island in the Netherlands, aims to become fully energy neutral by 2020. TVILIGHT and DYNNIQ... read more »

Image: Play Oosterworld: A Behaviour Simulation Game

Play Oosterworld: A Behaviour Simulation Game

Play Oosterwold is a behaviour simulation game built to test design and finance rules of a Do-It-Yourself MasterPlan in Almere, the Netherlands. Designed... read more »

Image: Power Collector – A Hybrid Solar Panel

Power Collector – A Hybrid Solar Panel

The Solarus PowerCollector™ is both a concentrating, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel: a hybrid solar panel. The concentrating aspect is achieved... read more »

Image: Dutch Cycling Embassy

Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public-private network for sustainable bicycle inclusive mobility. We represent the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience... read more »

Image: Intelligent Street Parking Management

Intelligent Street Parking Management

30% of city traffic congestion is caused by people looking for a parking place! (Intelligent Transport Society of America, 2015)   Intelligent Street... read more »

Image: PlasmaMade Air Filter – Filtering the air from an extractor hood

PlasmaMade Air Filter – Filtering the air from an extractor hood

An extraction system usually needs an exhaust pipe to the outdoors. With the PlasmaMade filter this is not needed anymore; the filters can be assembled... read more »

Image: Green Living Lab – Stimulate Healthy Urban Living

Green Living Lab – Stimulate Healthy Urban Living

The Green Living Lab is a natural lab in an urban environment where science, business, and technique meet to stimulate healthy urban living. Our structures... read more »

Image: Smart Emission: Creating an environmental footprint

Smart Emission: Creating an environmental footprint

“Smart Emission” project is a current research project executed by a consortium of Dutch knowledge institutes, government, (ICT- and sensor) companies... read more »

Image: Concrete Dome Construction – BetonBallon

Concrete Dome Construction – BetonBallon

With the BetonBallon building method, it is possible to create special shapes, like a concrete dome, in a simple and effortless manner. Beautiful and efficient... read more »

Image: WeParc – Smart Valet Parking

WeParc – Smart Valet Parking

WeParc is a smart valet parking and car services company allowing consumers to book their parking in the city through our mobile app. Nowadays you can spend... read more »

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