What is

Smart City Embassy?


Our first aim is to provide an easy to find and easy to use starting point to anyone abroad who is interested in Smart City initiatives, projects, products and services in the Netherlands. A site that gives a flavor of what is going on, what there is to visit and who to contact for further information. The goal is to help you to navigate in the overwhelming amount of possibilities and find the right contact, fitting to your request.

For (network) organizations, project, events, and businesses in the Netherlands that are engaged in Smart City initiatives, projects, products and services we provide a platform that creates visibility on one hand and a natural filter on the other hand. A Google search may deliver millions of items, but hardly anybody reads beyond the first page of listings, so it is easy to drown as project or organization in a sea of hits. The Embassy website gives visibility and structure, channeling requests to the right recipients.


Can I join

the Smart City Embassy?



Of course! First, send us information about your project, event, or organization so we can add it to our project list on the website. We will review the project based on its relevance and amplitude compared to the other projects. If it enhances the variety, we will showcase and rotate the project.

For network organizations, it is possible to join the Embassy as a founder, like Amsterdam Smart City, Connekt, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water. Founders sustain the Smart City Embassy and make it an effective network through several means. For example, by channeling information to and from their network, lending resources for content management in their specific knowledge are, for handling in requests, and by providing resources to keep this website running.

Who operates

Smart City Embassy?


The Smart City Embassy is represented by the following founders: Amsterdam Smart City,  Connekt and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water.

Our aim is to provide as correct and up to date information on this website as possible, but we cannot accept any liability for any inaccurate or outdated information or the consequences of inaccurate information.

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